The Transparent
food chain

The blockchain can track products from the origin to the final consumer


Foodchain ecosystem

The blockchain is a tool that adds value to your product. Our service allows you to track your product from Farm to Fork: transparency means cooperation from the producer to the consumer.


Who we address

blockchain technology

blockchain technology

The Future of Food Security

Foodchain provides blockchain technology to track and digitally validate food products, making the stakeholders’ ecosystem (suppliers) transparent, authentic and reliable.


For the consumer

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A Story in the palm of your hand

Foodchain's QR codes allow you to access the full and immutable story of a product and learn about all the steps made by the product before landing on the consumer's table.

The blockchain connects all the information of the value chain, it crystalizes it and made it available to any user equipped with smartphone and QR codes reader. Through Foodchain's platform all documents, photos, videos and other details related to the product are immediately available.



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